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Mission: Make the clinician's job easier while improving patient safety

The Case for Informatics in Clinical Medicine: Clinical knowledge has exploded (the U.S. National Library of Medicine archives 1500-3500 citations each day) and it is unrealistic, and possibly unethical, for 21st century healthcare not to make a concerted attempt to incorporate information technology. The problem is no longer "What care is best", but rather, how can the mountain of available, disorganized evidence, be effectively applied at the front line of clinical care?

Without information technology, this explosion in medical knowledge, combined with the complexity of illness, produces wide variation in clinical practice and leads to unacceptable clinical error as well as poor compliance with established guidelines. Research indicates that IT enabled point-of-care access to properly filtered clinical evidence combined with individual patient information would change up to 60% of clinical decisions!

Intelligent Medical Systems (Pty) LTD designs smart, end-user solutions and hosts Africa's pre-eminent Clinical Data Exchange.


Bluebird's secure clinical data exchange, allows South African medical practitioners to send and receive clinical documents.*
Bluebird allows the doctor to access all their incoming clinical information in one place!
Typically these documents are:
Laboratory results, radiology reports, discharge summaries, referral notes and consultations.

Access is via:
  • The Web (any browser on any platform)
  • Local Bluebird applications specifically designed for:
    • Windows
    • Apple
    • iPhone
    • iPad
  • A generic gateway (API) that allows your favourite medical software secure access to the Bluebird Hub.

Bluebird offers amazing tools to manage medical data. Imagine instant graphing of multiple lab and clinical parameters for... your patient in renal failure...the one in ICU...your Diabetic patient...

Bluebird backs up your medical documents in an encrypted vault only accessible to you and those to whom you grant access. You never have to worry about losing important medical documents.

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Why can you trust Bluebird?
  • Two decades of VIP service to SA doctors
  • Fanatical support
  • Meticulous attention to detail, not only in software engineering, but also in the manner in which our staff take care of your practice

Intelligent Medical Systems (Pty) Ltd, the company behind Bluebird, provides outstanding tools to manage your practice. Please review our solutions under the "Products" tab at the top of the page.

*Patient privacy is important to us and we take great care to protect patient information both during transit and in the Bluebird Hub. However, once information is retrieved to a user's device, we can no longer take any responsibility for security of information on that device. We highly recommend the use of disc encryption e.g. Windows based disc encryption, can, and should, be used to encrypt the hard drive so that data is protected if the hard drive falls into the wrong hands. If you choose to store the Bluebird password on the computer or if you use older Bluebird tools that are not password protected, disc encryption is essential.  


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